Following My Dream

I always wanted to encourage others through creativity and artwork. Here’s how my adventure started!

I remember when I was much younger, before I could even read or write, I had so much fun with stationery products.

I would “write” letters to my parents or grandparents and present them asking, “Can you read it?”

My grandpa would always declare, “Well, of course!” and promptly start pretending to read my scribbles saying things like, “Papa is the best grandpa ever, and he is so handsome and fun and wonderful…” to which I would respond — “Hey! That’s not what it says!” Then, I would “read” my own random lines to them.

This little story just goes to show that I’ve been writing things and sharing them since I was a wee little youngin’.

Fast forward to last summer when I saw one of my friends who does graphic design had been working on learning hand lettering, I decided to reach out.

She, a very skilled graphic designer, was really excited to meet with me and not only share her insight about brush pens but also about hand-lettering techniques and pursuing art in general. I was blown away by how helpful it was to come together.

She has inspired me to follow my dream, actually consider myself an artist, and fall deeper in love with Jesus.

God is so good, you guys!!

From then, I…

  • Did a lot of practice. Like, a lot.
  • Acquired a vast collection of brush pens in various colors
  • Started my very own lettering Instagram account (@letteringforJesus)
  • And started to look into selling my artwork

I have always dreamed of being creative and encouraging others for a living, and this combined both passions of mine.

God has been so faithful to me as I continue to pursue these desires of my heart.

My parents have also been incredibly supportive — they never doubt me and always tell me to go for the next big thing (within reason).

For example, this February I began to discuss investing in an iPad Pro. After praying about it, looking up specs on different digital lettering tools, and consulting my parents, God provided resources for the purchase to take place — crazy, right?!

Side Note: I’m even typing this blog post on my very own gigantic iPad which is both humorous and humbling.

Creating digital art has never been easier! Exhibit A:


Anyway, friends and family have been requesting my help with various projects, and I’ve been incredibly grateful for their encouragement in my creativity! Due to their continued suggestions about possible products, I opened an Etsy shop.

This journey has been a fantastic learning process to be sure. I’ve grown not only in my skill set, determination, and creativity, but also in my passion for reaching people for Jesus! Isn’t it such a gift to be able to have a platform for sharing the gospel?

Here are some lock screens I created this month with quote suggestions from Instagram followers ❤️

I’ve even been able to do silly, cutesy things for friends (and for fun) like lettering quotes with illustrations. The image below is an example of this — my lovely friend really likes Hayao Miyazaki films, and we bonded over the character Calcifer. Isn’t he too cute?!

Basically, I’ve been having a lot of fun. God has been teaching me so many new things (and also how not to become obsessed with technology which is another struggle in and of itself). And, I’ve been able to bless some people along the way!

I hope this encourages you to pursue the things that you love and are gifted in. You’ll never know how God can use your faithfulness and passion until you try!

Thanks, friends!