Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Sometimes progress looks like two steps forward and one step back.

I am choosing healthier foods more now, but I still splurge on sweet treats often. Progress.

I’m stopping to listen now and again to God’s heart rather than simply follow my desires. Still, I return to the easy option of hollow entertainment. Progress.

Setting aside my selfishness to serve others may happen in greater frequency, but I continue to say, “Nah, I would rather do something else.” Progress.

No, I’m not encouraging being self-centered, gluttonous, or undisciplined. We need to challenge ourselves, but we need to stop hating ourselves.

It’s a two-fold process. Move onward with your eyes fixed on Jesus, yes. Then when you inevitably fail, know He still loves you.

Learn God’s love for you so you can show His love for others. Respond to Jesus with a heart aimed toward holiness. Let Him pick you up when your arrow goes astray.

We need to challenge ourselves, but we need to stop hating ourselves.

What does it look like to accept God’s justification of us through faith? What does it look like to know how rotten we are but start grasping how loved we are?

Run to Him. Cling to Him. Don’t turn when you fail, but stop and rest knowing it is an opportunity to glorify Him in His unconditional love. Then, get back up and continue pursuing His best.

Let’s learn grace and love and righteousness and failure and joy and peace as we take steps forward (and back).

~ Progress towards God’s heart is progress indeed. ~