Printable Thank You

Let’s extend Thanksgiving this year! Print this card as many times as you’d like, and send or give it to those you love. I know 2020 has been hard, but I want to see us uplift those around us with gratitude.

Speaking of which—I’m grateful for YOU! Thank you for being here and for supporting me in this lettering endeavor. I pray you are blessed each day with moments of beauty and joy.

Lettering Practice Sheet with Drills from Lettering for Jesus

Practice Sheet + Drills

Having the drills printed on the practice sheet with arrows for how to form the shapes is a game changer. Are you as excited as I am to have this helpful tool?!

Alphabet lettering practice sheet by Lettering for Jesus

Practice Sheet + Alphabet Guides

Yes, you are seeing this correctly—I have finally created an alphabet practice sheet just for you! I cannot wait to hear how this helps you in your lettering journey.

Image of Hand Lettering Practice Sheet by Lettering for Jesus

Practice Sheet

When I first started, printable practice sheets like this were a life-saver. I am so pleased to be able to provide you with resources to hone your craft!

Not only can you use this for lettering practice but also for learning cursive or teaching writing to your kids.


Goodbye Comfort Zones

An exclusive free wallpaper / lockscreen for my lovely mailing list subscribers.

Let me know if you have requests for these in the future. If not, you may end up with a lot of puns or my favorite other digital products (i.e. You are loved).

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”